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    How to plan hardware production and desi
    Huizhou City Zhongkai high tech Zone Lih
    Which hardware stamping parts factory in
  • ISO Certification Enterprise:Huizhou Lifei Hardware Co., Ltd. is a professional electronic metal products supplier, engaged in small metal parts, such as auto amplifier, panel, multimedia audio, power switch, radiator, electronic screw, toy screw, copper parts, spring and eyelet.

    Our factory has not only leading technique, such as silkscreen and polishing, but also fitting equipment, such as auto punch, grinding machine, milling machine, drill press and PC wire cutter, in auto design & manufacturing metal mould and other metal products.

    Since its foundation, our factory promoted TQM guideline of "Zero Defect" and gained reliability from customers by high quality and good reputation, regarding quality as its life on the tenet of "Quality First, Customer Uppermost".

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